10 Dating Texting Etiquette


Guys, Ladies, pay attention! As you know, texting is a great way to chat with someone you like, but there are some rules to follow when you’re texting on a dating app or talking with a new person you’re interested in. This is what we call dating texting etiquette! Of course, there are rules to texting and dating!

We’re going to provide you with ten great tips for texting etiquette and ways to make your texts more successful. Many people don’t know what to do regarding dating texting etiquette, but now by following this advice, you’ll never be left guessing again!

1. Do not over-text! It may be tempting to text back right away, but no one likes being smothered or feeling like they are being forced into something they’re not ready for. Waiting a day or two before responding is an acceptable timeframe and shows that you focus on the other person rather than yourself.

2. Avoid over-sharing. Some details are better kept private. While it may be tempting to share intimate details about your life with someone you’d like to date, know that the information you share may be used against you later on in the relationship.

3. Get their number early! Yes, it’s creepy when a guy gets your number without asking you for it, but women love guys who take charge, and usually, they will be more than happy to hand it over once he asks. Be direct and confident when asking for her number, and make sure she knows how excited you are about taking her out on a date!

4. Do not be rude with your texting! It’s ok to be direct and honest, but don’t waste time trying to ‘fool’ a girl. Be clear about what you want, and do not try to play games with a girl.

5. Do not make it seem like they are the only ones you’re interested in! Remember that women have feelings too, and if they feel ignored or like she is being replaced, she may leave you. So, you do not want her to think that you are exclusive to just her while you are entertaining others, too.

6. Do not send anything you wouldn’t say in person. If you wouldn’t say it to her face, don’t text it! If there is something that you would like to tell someone, but are trying to avoid hurting their feelings, send a text explaining the situation.

7. Don’t take too long without texting them back. Remember that women love surprises and being kept on their toes! They also appreciate a guy who is willing to put in the effort of sending thoughtful messages from time to time.

8. Keep your texts exciting and relevant! Do not let yourself get too caught up in anything, and remember that girls want someone who can be romantic and fun at all times!

9. Ask about their family, friends, and hobbies. People love talking about themselves and showing others that they are attractive, so always ask about them if you feel stuck for conversation.

10. Do not be a creep! Keep your texts in good taste, and remember that your text conversations should be P.G. 13 at best. If she doesn’t like your text, send it to her! Have fun with it and send something funny or silly to lighten the mood a little bit, but don’t go too far into territory that you wouldn’t talk with her face-to-face.

For many people, texting is easier and more convenient than actually speaking with a person. But some things are just not appropriate to say over text, especially if you’re hoping to develop a relationship with someone. So, we suggest you take these tips with a grain of salt. Text first, but don’t forget to mingle in person!


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