10 Tips On How To Get A Guy To Like You

Ladies, you don’t need to be told how difficult it is to land a guy in today’s dating scene, so there are plenty of methods on how to get a guy to like you. There are just so many choices out there, especially when they’re all competing for attention and affection! But, fret not as there are plenty of guys out there for everyone that wants love and romance, but what makes it so hard? Here are 10 great tips to help you get that second date!

1. Be Yourself – This seems like a simple enough tip, but many women do not get this right. If you are not a confident person, don’t expect to be able to attract Mr. Right. He will see right through you and know that you aren’t genuine in your representation of yourself. However, you want him to think that he has found someone honest, so be yourself and let the rest fall into place!

2. Listen – Listening is important when you are trying to get a guy. They want to share their ideas and thoughts, but they often don’t expect a woman actually to listen. If you can listen (and remember) what he says, he won’t feel uncomfortable talking with you, and trust will start to build. Trust is hard for guys, but it can turn into an avalanche of feelings!

3. Be Mysterious – Don’t be the same girl that every guy has seen. Be unique and different, but not in an obvious way. Have your own opinions about various topics (politics, current events, etc.), but keep them to yourself if they are too strong. Keep your thoughts to yourself, and don’t come off as desperate, or you will turn him away!

4. Make More Time – No guy will want you if you don’t have time for him and his actions show that he doesn’t have time for you either. So make time for the things that he is doing. He wants to know that you are interested, and making time for him will tell him that you care.

5. Watch The Competition – If there are other women around him during your date, watch them instead of watching him! He will be more impressed if you completely ignore the competition and focus on him and what he says. The last thing he wants is to leave a date with a woman who is still perving over other guys!

6. Avoid Drama – The last thing you want to do is create drama and make a scene at the end of your date. Staying out too late, too many drinks, or taking him to the wrong place can all create drama that you don’t want. Instead, make sure that your actions are appropriate for the time and money he is spending on you to make him feel good about himself as a man and as a person.

7. Compliments are essential, and they can motivate and improve how a guy feels about himself as a man and as a person. When you compliment him, he will feel like the more confident and better-looking person he is!

8. Don’t Rush – There is no need to rush through your date. If he asks where you want to go or what you want to eat, take your time with the decision-making? Listen to him, but make it clear that you know what you want to do. If he tries to rush you, he will come off as needy and having a horrible date.

9. Don’t Make Them Jealous (Unless You Want To!) – Some people can’t help but feel jealousy when dating and seeing other people interacting with the person they are pursuing. They quickly become insecure and wonder if things would be different if they were in the relationship. So don’t make them feel jealous!

10. Don’t Talk Money – I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but talking Money with a man can be a major turn-off. If he has spent Money on you already, don’t talk about the cost of things. He will assume that you are interested in how much he is spending and start to feel insecure about how much he makes.

So if you want to know how to get a boy to like you, to sum it up — the best way to do this is to be yourself and pay attention to the guy. Smile, listen, compliment, make eye contact, and talk about what he is doing. This will make him feel special and will make him want to get to know you better.



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