10 Tips To Know You’ve Been Ghosted

There are many signs that you have been ghosted. We know it is not a good feeling, so we’ve compiled this list of 10 tips to know how you’ve been ghosted in dating.

1. They don’t respond, dance around you, keep changing their mind about seeing you again. Texting can be used to avoid actual rejection or responsibility. If the person you are interested in may be ghosting, it will be 100% clear that they are avoiding these two things.

2. You can never tell if they’re busy or not. They’re always busy, never available to hang out or go on a date. They will give you every elaborate excuse in the book for why they can’t even spare thirty minutes to chat with you.

3. You’ve exchanged numbers, and it’s been two weeks, no phone calls, no text messages at all. It’s just like they don’t exist anymore in your life… and you know that they don’t seem to ever think about you, not at all, not even once.

4. Your friends notice that you seem sad. You’re unfortunate, and you don’t want to talk about it, but your friends are intuitive, and they know something is off.

5. You feel like your life is over. You feel lonely, completely alone, and you can’t even find a way to connect with the people around you.

6. It’s been a while, and it’s not clear if they’ve seen any of your online posts about them or not. There’s no contact at all between you, so the only way to know if they’ve seen your posts is to do a bit of spying of your own.

7. They’re not answering texts after two days, and you’re starting to get worried about them. It’s self-evident that they don’t care about you anymore.

8. You feel like you’re losing your mind, and it’s not just from the lack of sleep. You can’t even figure out how else to protect yourself from this kind of harassment.

9. They’re not calling, they’re not texting, they’re not responding at all. What can you do? The radio silence is a horrible feeling of being invisible to someone you care about; we get it.

10. You’ve tried everything short of only knowing that they ignore your texts and calls, and now it’s time for drastic measures. It would be best if you read their silence and understand when someone is ghosting on you.

Well, if you can relate to some of these things, then you have likely been ghosted. Do not attempt to contact them unless you are equipped with all the necessary tools to make sure you can win the ‘game.’


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