3 Online Dating (Or In-Person) Ice Breakers — Let The Flirting Begin!

When it comes to flirting, whether online or in-person, people spend far too much time and energy worrying about how to break the ice. To make themselves appear fascinating, they frequently devise confusing or creative starting phrases. Let’s face it, making the first gambit is when we feel most vulnerable and susceptible to possible rejection. There are, however, techniques to reduce the fear.

You can take advantage of these ice breakers and then choose one that fits your personality:


The Compliment Icebreaker


“I just wanted to introduce myself.” If you received a positive response to your nonverbal greeting, you might begin with a compliment, such as “You have a beautiful grin.” This strategy works since the other person has already responded enthusiastically to your nonverbal greeting; your praise confirms that you find them appealing.


Scenario Icebreakers 


Suppose you want to make an excuse to break the ice. “Hello there, I like the background in your profile photo,” for example. Do you mind if I ask what the painting is of on the wall?” It’s abstract. This method is non-threatening and provides an opportunity for the other person to converse with you in a friendly manner while opening the door for them to talk about something that may be one of their favorite conversation pieces.

The Introduction Icebreaker


This technique is a little more formal, but it’s still straightforward and non-threatening. You contact the other person (whether on direct message on social media, on a dating site, or in person) and introduce yourself by saying, “Hi, my name is Dave.” ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ They are (as a polite courtesy) expected to reciprocate.


An icebreaker is nothing more than an excuse to strike up a conversation with someone. They’re lovely for meeting new people, and have a good time as the flirting begins! As with any unique ability, practice the ice breaker that best suits your personality first so that they sound completely natural when it’s time to deliver them. 



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