3 Tips To Maintain Sexual Health And Intimacy

Maintaining sexual health and intimacy is important. In some circles, people believe that once an older adult reaches a certain age, he will no longer show any interest in the things he enjoys, including sex and intimacy. Naturally, this isn’t true, as intimacy is an ageless need. Love, intimacy, and emotional bond between people are limitless.

The issue of fulfilling sexual and intimate relationships remains a concern for older men and women. People with low self-esteem and poor physical health may experience low self-esteem when they do not have a healthy physical and emotional relationship with someone.

In what ways does poor sexual health occur?

The aging process affects one’s body in various ways, which can affect sexual health and relationships.

Changes to the body:

Women experiencing hormonal imbalance and menopause as they age will eventually experience physical changes in their bodies. The vagina, for example, takes a long time to lubricate and swell when aroused. As a result, intercourse may become painful, causing a decrease in sex interest.

The most common physical change in men is difficulty obtaining and maintaining erections. There are fewer erections, and they last a shorter time.

Physiological and mental changes:

In addition to physical changes, the mind also experiences specific changes with age. These changes can also impact sexual stamina and desire. If an adult is embarrassed about his sexual needs or preferences, it will probably be an aversion to sex.

Stress also contributes to physiological changes associated with aging. Women and men often have impotence when an aging individual worries too much about his sexual performance. In addition, if one notices gray hairs and wrinkles on their face, they may likely feel less attractive, reducing their sexual drive.

Improving sexual health:

Taking steps to improve and maintain your sexual health and stamina is not impossible for aging adults. However, if one wants to keep their sexual life, it requires serious communication in the relationship.

The following are some tips that can help aging adults maintain their sexual health:

1. Penetration is not the only aspect of sex.

A person should expand his understanding of sex to improve his sex life since sex goes far beyond mere penetration. You can replace sex with intimate gestures such as touching and holding hands, and other alternatives to sex include oral sex, masturbation, and sensual massage.

2. Maintain a healthy and well-tuned body.

To enjoy sex, a person should maintain a healthy and fit body. A well-balanced diet comprising of veggies and fruits is highly recommended for aging women and men. A healthy body is also tuned by exercise.

3. Be realistic in your expectations.

Generally, older men and women with short or stagnant sexual lives likely exhibited less sexual activity in their younger years. Unlike partners who are actively involved in sex while they are young, these partners will maintain their sexual stamina even as they age.

Sex can be enjoyable at any adult age. Maintaining sexual enjoyment is up to the person and how they feel about themselves and intimacy.


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