4 Friends With Benefits Questions Answered

The topic of friends with benefits is a tough one to tackle. It has a lot of unwritten laws that are difficult to understand. As a result, we will cover four topics in this article, and hopefully, these topics will help you make the right decision when it comes to deciding if you are built to be a friend with benefits or wait until your Mr. or Misses Right comes along.


Do friends with benefits work?

This is dependent on several factors, including who you’re with, the degree of attraction, the rationale for becoming friends with benefits, the rules, the amount of time you spend together, and so on. In this category, it also depends on the perception of achievement. Are you mentally capable of doing it? And, of course. Will anyone form a bond with you? If I were a betting guy, I’d guarantee that anyone would.

Ninety percent of the time, two things will happen when you have a mate with perks (i.e., a friend with benefits). If you don’t follow the rules, you’re either going to get into a relationship, or someone will have feelings and get hurt. And if it doesn’t finish in either of those cases, such as two friends hooking up and then dating other women, it’s normally due to envy or vanity over one’s motive for talking to another person. I’d be hurt if I liked Jane, but she didn’t like me, and I’d want to make her jealous so that I could date someone else. And, of course, she’ll be enraged, and we’ll clash, or we’ll hook up with other friends. It’s a never-ending loop.

How long does FWB (Friends With Benefits) usually last?

How long friends with benefits usually last is dependent on where you are on the string. It can last for a while and work for you if you are doing it for sheer fun, not to date, and not get physically or emotionally attached. It will be a difficult journey for you to develop a friendship further and be attached. The greatest chance for things to happen is if you’re both only looking for a hookup and nothing more. Then it will be well, likely casual, and will last until either of you call it quits. But, before you go ahead and do it, give it some serious thought and ask yourself if you can do it without falling in love with the guy.


Friends with benefits is a set of guidelines.


Before I get through the laws, I think the most important thing is to remind each other right away that this is purely a friendship with benefits situation. You both ought to state that you don’t want to be in a relationship due to this. That might spoil the moment and eliminate any future opportunities to meet up with a friend, but if it is the case, you can thank me later because if it bothers the friend, that means the friend likes you and desired something in return.


There are several ‘laws’ you can consider. Here are few topics to talk about:


-Interacting with others (If it’s friends with benefits, I think you should be able to.)


-Staying up late and having sex regularly


-Should your other mates be aware of this situation you are in?


-What do you intend to get out of this? (There is a dilemma if one of you says, “I like you.”) “I find you attractive, but I don’t expect much out of this,” for example, is acceptable.)


Should you hook up with an ex (as FWB)?

I strongly advise against hooking up with an ex until you’re really over them. I don’t hang out with an ex until I’m totally over her or one of us is in a relationship. Going back to somebody and starting the grueling heartbreak period all over again, where you’re always worrying about them and what they’re doing, is the worst feeling in the world. It’s crucial to keep the business out of sight and out of view. Maintain the rank quo.

How to handle friends with benefits, and should you go ahead and do it?

Should you go ahead and be a friend with benefits? Personally, I believe so if you are not looking for love, but a casual friend with benefits or a ‘cuddy buddy.’ It worked for me, but only because I followed the rules. Here, I’m not suggesting that you be a player and greedy (both men and women). Don’t hook up with someone who has a love for you and wants more. That is why it succeeded because I still valued my partners in this category.

This isn’t meant to be a reference for players or playettes. It’s just a friend with benefits article. If you want it to succeed, meet someone who shares your interest but isn’t looking for more. You’ll be perfect as long as it remains that way. If you don’t follow the rules you set out at the outset, it will almost always end up, as I said at the beginning: in a relationship or a train accident. If you don’t want to, find someone who can join you in following the rules.


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