5 Tips For A Solid Online Dating Profile Example To Attract Men

These pointers are all about nailing the most critical components of your online dating example profile to attract men. The advantage of this is that you are clear about who you are and the type of guy you want, which means you can quickly remove anyone who isn’t a good fit for you. This saves time and money on email, phone conversations, and dates that aren’t necessary, not to mention the emotional toll. It’s a wise investment in your future, and it’ll pay off handsomely.

So you’ve taken the plunge and signed up for one or two online dating sites, maybe even more, and created a rudimentary profile. Hopefully, you’ve come up with a clever username. Here are some great dating profile writing suggestions that will make the entire process lot more fun (and less expensive) for you. Pay special attention to the ‘story’ or ‘About Me’ part.  Putting in the effort now will pay off in the long run, weeding out the guys you don’t want to meet and attracting the guys who are looking for someone just like you.

Tips 1-4 will help you build your online dating profile narrative section. Tip 5 is about images. However, don’t compose it and then immediately publish it. First, write a draft or two, then wait 24 hours between each version. The wait will be well worth it, and the finished product will be far superior! Check for spelling and grammar – most word processing applications will do this for you – and then cut and paste the final version into the profile’s box.


Profile Dating Tip #1

First and foremost, make sure you have a ‘catchy’ phrase (the profile header shown in search results). This not only reveals something about you and what you’re searching for, but it also establishes the type of person you’d like to meet right away, enticing guys to read your profile. ‘Smart lady seeking fun and travel with a steady guy,’ for example. You may disagree with the concept, but you are advertising yourself, and you want to attract the proper individuals.


Profile Dating Tip #2

Think hard about the type of person you want to date and come up with eight or ten keywords or phrases (both positive and negative) that describe that person, such as steady, loyal, loving, money isn’t important. Still, it helps; he must have his own hair, enjoys dancing and pets, and no gamblers or heavy drinkers. Use your previous relationships as a guide to see what worked and what didn’t.

If you’ve ever been in a terrible relationship, keep in mind that women tend to be attracted to qualities they recognize from previous partners (including negative aspects), so make sure you exclude such people right away. For instance, if you’ve ever been connected with a ‘cold fish, “must be tactile and enjoy hugs’ could be a useful term to include.


Profile Dating Tip #3

What’s most essential to you in a relationship? Make a list of the significant aspects of yourself that you want him to notice. Are you a sportsperson? If that’s the case, you’ll probably need someone who enjoys sports (not sitting in a bar with a beer watching football). Are you a fan of the arts? If that’s the case, a guy who thinks Monet is French for “loose change” is probably not the guy for you. You want to aim for guys that share your ideals. People that hold opposing values are inevitably at odds with one another.


Profile Dating Tip #4

What are the essential things in your life? What about kids – do you want them, or are you a parent already? Although there are boxes for this on the profile, you may want to say more. He’ll have to relish the opportunity to be a father (and you may have his children for sleepovers). “My children are vital to my life,” she says, “and a guy who has his children and understands and embraces the challenges of parenthood would be great.”

Maybe you’re interested in local politics or an action organization; these tend to come from deep within a person’s core values (again, a ‘values’ issue), so it’ll be crucial to emphasize that aspect of yourself.

Profile Dating Tip #5

Use a professional RECENT photograph of yourself, especially one in which you smile; a gloomy photo may drive potential male prospects away because you do not seem cheerful! People do submit unflattering pictures of themselves, which is unexpected. You may want to invest in your online profile by having your first online photo taken by a professional photographer (or one of your young adult children who is good with the cell phone ring light!). With the proper lighting and background, it can bring out the finest in your characteristics. This is highly imperative. Men are visual creatures, and the first thing they see is a picture. There will be a 20-fold difference in reaction levels. If money is an issue, choose a few photos of yourself that you believe are good and have a buddy choose the best one.

To sum things up, we have shown how to create an online dating profile example to attract men.  Hopefully, these pointers have been beneficial and help change your dating life today. Start attracting the right man by improving your online dating profile today!


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