5 Ways To Tell If You’re Really With ‘The One’ You Should Be Marrying

We all daydream about marriage from time to time. But how do you know if they’re really ‘the one?’

1. You Make Each Other Laugh

It may sound obvious, but you should get along well with the person you will spend your married life with!

If you and your partner make each other laugh, that is a great sign that you could be in a healing and healthy relationship.

Making fun of each other (and ourselves) shows trust and a willingness to be vulnerable with each other. Plus, if your partner can make fun of him or herself, it shows they have confidence, too!


2. You Know How To Make Up After A Fight

While arguing non-stop is a clear bad sign in any relationship, you will probably have the occasional fight with your partner. After a fight, being able to repair your relationship shows that you are in a relationship that could work as a marriage.

Being able to talk things through reasonably and stay open to what each other needs is an excellent sign for married life. Even if one of you needs a ‘time out to calm down, you should be able to come back and discuss things like adults.

This is very important. You should be a team, not fighting with each other all the time, and, of course, if there is any physical abuse (male or female), then you really need to reassess your situation!


3. You Feel At Ease With Each Other

Feeling at ease around someone else is about more than letting them see you lounging around in that old pair of sweatpants you like to wear at home. Feeling comfortable around someone else means feeling safe and secure in their company.

This means that you can share your dreams and ideas with them and know they will be there for you rather than trying to put you down or make you feel small.

And yes, this sense of comfort can also translate over to the bedroom, allowing you to explore exciting and intimate play in the bedroom without being judged. Well, if you are about to ‘forsake all others…’


4. You Want The Same Things In Life

While it is possible to enjoy dating someone who wants different things from life in the long run, you definitely need to make sure your life goals match up before you get married.

Knowing if your partner wants kids, if they are ready to settle down or keep partying, or how they feel about travel, moving, and money is important in deciding if you should get married.

The more your life goals match up, the better chance your marriage is a success.


5. Your Relationship Has Survived Some Troubles

Rushing into marriage can be a big mistake. Everything can seem wonderful at the beginning of a relationship, but what happens when you hit trouble? Personal challenges, arguments, and normal life problems can all be a challenge for our relationships to survive.

Knowing that your relationship can survive the bad and the good is a good sign that you could be with someone you can marry. Take enough time to let the relationship weather a few storms before deciding to tie the knot.

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