7 Friends With Benefits Rules For Guys

This article may be as raw and honest as it gets, but knowing how the friends with benefits ‘game’ goes is half the battle! Okay, gents and those women who might get offended after reading this article, it’s time to get this ball rolling.


Don’t Ever Pay For Anything!

Make sure you don’t pay for her dinner or drinks, as well as her dates. Paying puts you in the role of a provider, which is something you do not want to do. When you play this role, the woman may become accustomed to your caring for her. She may also feel like you are courting her, and worst of all, to your becoming her boyfriend. Her casual relationship ends immediately once she realizes this.



In Public, Don’t Act Like A Couple

The line between casual dating and actual dating needs to be clearly defined.

Don’t cross that line (such as holding hands while out), or she will start to think that your relationship is more than just a friendship. All of this reasoning has to do with whether or not you would make a good boyfriend.



Don’t Let Her ‘Confessions’ Fluster You

Eventually, if the girl realizes you are “the man,” she may attempt to capture you through confession or some other means…

Do not let the “What are we?” question get the better of you. There are all sorts of techniques and lines to do just that. Reframing the situation altogether is a technique you may want to try to master. Make her think that being in a real relationship is ridiculous. But in all seriousness, don’t give in.



Don’t Ever Make Her Fall For You

Some guys purposely manipulate the girl to fall in love with them because it’s ego-driven. Don’t stare into her eyes and try to make a date special in the middle of having sex; try to eliminate cuddling out the equation. Having a sexual relationship should be your primary focus; anything else or anything you try hard at may not work out. Self-awareness is key to stopping yourself from trying too hard in other areas of a relationship. It may feel like your self-esteem subconsciously influences you if you do that, but you end up losing her in the long run, then there goes your friend AND your benefits.


Take Precautions At All Times

Practice safe sex at all times. A lack of commitment in a relationship is of particular concern, however. Even if your partner doesn’t admit to it, there is a good chance they are hooking up with others at the same time you are having sex (just as you likely are). Don’t forget to protect yourself and put safety first. WRAP IT UP!



Don’t Stay Long After Casual Sex

A good time to go home after casual sex is early in the morning. Offering and accepting coffee is respectful while giving your body time to wake up. But if you stay too long, it may start to feel like some romantic sparks are there when there should not be. Spending the majority of your time with someone can be construed as a sign of dating. Making someone your friend with benefits happens when you spend your night with them. Make sure you don’t interrupt your friends’ day and allow them to ‘interrupt’ yours!



Remember The ‘Arrangement’

You should not pretend to be a boyfriend or girlfriend to get casual sex. There should be no level of commitment in a friend with benefits arrangement, which should be mutually decided between the both of you before this arrangement begins. Respect the fact that your partner may have other relationships outside your arrangement as well.

When you follow these guidelines, you will have much longer casual relationships because the satisfaction of sex is the principal value you are giving to her. But, ladies, if you want to flip the script, then you may want to check out this video:)


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