7 Strategies On How To Get Your Crush To Like You Over Text — Get Them Crushin’!

Below, we compiled a few strategies on how to get your crush to like you over text because It’s no secret that texting has become a necessary part of modern communication. Whether it’s to catch up with a friend, make plans, or flirt, it’s a great way to stay in touch with one another. And if you’re having difficulties with getting your crush to like you back, you’re in luck! 

Strategy 1:

This is a tricky question because every crush is different. You could go about getting your crush to like you over text by sending them a selfie of yourself. Another thing you could do is by asking them a deep and personal question, which gives the conversation more depth and makes it more attractive for them to talk to you.

Strategy 2:

If you’re going to ask them to come over, you could go about it by asking them if they want to hang out after school or something. It would be a good idea to include the time or place to know precisely when and where. You could also make it fun by inviting other people as well!

Strategy 3:

You could attempt to flirt with them by telling them that they are cute, beautiful, etc. You could even go as far as telling them that you are attracted to them. If this is too risky, you could always compliment their clothes, make-up, etc.

Strategy 4:

Ask them something about themselves and give them your opinion on it. They care what you think, show that they value your opinion, and enjoy interacting with you.

Strategy 5:

You could ask them what their plans for the weekend are to see if they want to hang out. You can also suggest something that you want to do and see if they’re interested in it. If they’re not, then you might have to invite them along!

Strategy 6:

If they are having a bad day or something, you could ask them how everything is going. Another thing you could do is tell them that you hope everything goes well or something like that. You could also tell them something funny that happened to you or share a cute story with them.

Strategy 7:

You could compliment their hairstyle, shoes, etc., and see if they like your compliments. If they ask why you like it, you could give them a simple answer: it looks cute/beautiful/gorgeous, etc.

Well, there you have it! How to get your crush to like you through text is doable! Some of the strategies involve flirting, and if you’re not sure how to flirt or don’t want to, then you should check out these AMAZING systems on how to MAKE your crush like you through text, as you take control of the dating driver’s seat!





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