7 Tips On How To Give Oral Sex To A Man Like A Champ

This is for all the grown women out there who may already know that having oral sex with your man is usually one of the most pleasurable gifts you can give him!

There has been much discussion about giving oral sex to men. However, the truth is that not every woman knows how to do it right. Not only that. Oral lovemaking is not even an inclination for many people.

Making matters worse is the fact that most men try to guide you without being tactful. Most guys find it awkward to tell their women what they want. Furthermore, pornographic films and reading make it appear so easy to perform oral sex on a man. Still, the reality is women often feel intimidated or self-conscious about doing it correctly.

In those instances, what can you do if you lack the confidence or knowledge to go down on your guy?

The situation is not hopeless. Mastering oral sex requires some effort but is not impossible. These tips will get you off to a great start. Now let’s get started:

1. Having oral sex with a man does not have to be boring, and it can be an empowering and enjoyable experience for you. Go ahead and enjoy it to the fullest.

2. It is not a chore to get it done quickly. In addition, being enthusiastic about giving oral will enhance the pleasure you will give to the recipient.

It is enjoyable to watch him anticipate the oral sex and be aroused by it as he expects it. Feel free to touch and rub his penis by teasing him when his clothes are on.

3. You can increase his sexual desire by slowly taking off his clothes and using your lips and hands to arouse him.

4. Keep the penis wet: Most men think that oral sex is more pleasurable when it is wet. Also, it allows you to move your mouth smoothly over his penis. You can lubricate his penis as much as you want by using wet kisses and licks.

To make it wet, you can also use flavored lubricants or whipped cream. Women who don’t find oral sex too tasteful will love this idea.

5. It may seem strange to call it oral sex since it requires the use of hands, and this is because it is rare to give a man an excellent head without using your hands. You can enhance the sensations you offer your man with the help of your hands in this sexual act.

They can extend to the erogenous zones of his body. In between giving him pleasure with your mouth, your hands also give you a chance to catch your breath!

6. Handle the penis with care: An exciting experience can be quickly turned into a painful or distasteful one when not handled with care. As you perform oral sex, make sure to pay attention to a few things.

By not taking in too much penis in your mouth, you will avoid gagging. Yes, we know this may sound hilarious, but it’s impressive how many perfect blowjobs get ruined by overzealous deep throating.

Similarly, don’t squeeze too hard or put too much pressure on the penis because you become overexcited in the act.

7. Last but not least, DO NOT let your teeth get in the way of oral sex, or your partner may become extremely uncomfortable and may not want you to finish giving him head. So, there you have it. Hopefully, these tips will help you give your man the time of his life!


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