8 Tips On How To Go From Texting To Dating

It can be hard to work up the courage to ask someone on a date finally. When the time comes to go from texting to dating, you can say a few things to grab their attention and make them want to meet up. We’ve got your back with these 8 Tips On How To Go From Texting To Dating.


tip 1:

Many people stay in the texting stage for too long. Your texting conversation should be about an hour or so before either of you makes a move to hang up. If it’s not going anywhere, it’s time to say goodbye. This will save you time and prevent heartache from getting your hopes up for a date that might never happen.

tip 2:

Don’t wait too long to make your intentions known. A text or a phone call letting your crush know you’re thinking of them is an easy move to make after you’ve been burned by someone who leads you on. Remember, the key to texting is finding the right time and place. Put away your phone and find the right moment to talk instead of texting all day long every chance you get.

tip 3:

Don’t text a person too much before you intend to meet them, no matter how much you’re dying to talk to them. If they are not giving you back even one message, then it’s probably best to forget about them and move on with your life.

tip 4:

Don’t be online way too long; take breaks from it sometimes so your mind isn’t fried from just sitting around on the phone or texting all day. Try reading a book or seeing a movie in the theater instead. It will make your mind good to broaden your horizons instead of holding on to the same ideas all day long. Plus, you get to meet other people who are more passionate about books and films than phones.

tip 5:

Don’t try too hard when you’re texting or even talking on the phone. Don’t send fifty text messages because you want the person to know how much they mean to you. Just be yourself and let them know that you think they’re amazing. You can do this through talking and listening to them too.

tip 6:

Don’t text or call the person every day throughout the week unless they are in some way involved in your life as well. I.e., they are a family member, a friend, or someone important enough to you where you feel like they need to know about what’s going on with you for daily updates. Texting all day or all week makes you look desperate and a stalker.

tip 7:

Don’t send your love interest pictures of yourself every time they ask for one. This might lead to them thinking you’re not a very interesting person and too vain to know that they only want a picture because they are interested in learning what you look like, not because they want tons and tons of photos of you.

tip 8:

Don’t give up too easily when trying to get the attention of your crush. Sometimes it takes many tries to get someone’s attention, even if you think they like you.

One of the main reasons people find it hard to go from texting to dating is that they don’t know if the person they’re interested in is interested in them. Ask them out directly. You may be pleasantly surprised!

If they don’t show signs of interest during your conversations, it’s okay to text or call them for a while until they show some signs of reciprocation. This indicates that you have a lot of confidence and won’t be taken advantage of quickly. Keep it pushing!  Just don’t go overboard with it; if nothing comes out of the situation, then maybe they aren’t into you and will never really like you in the way you want them to!


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