9 Reasons Why You Might Start Ghosting Someone

Maybe it’s that time of year again when you will think about starting to ghost someone. You might be wondering what ghosting is and if you should be doing it. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, let me give a quick overview. Ghosting is where someone on social media or online stops responding to your messages or texts after the first few times they replied in the past. It can also happen in real life, which is known as breadcrumbing.

The easiest way to understand ghosting is to look at how it shows up in real life. So if you go out on a few dates, fall in love, and decide that the person is someone you want to introduce to your mother. Hey, maybe even spend your whole life with this person. Then, you begin to notice something. You never seem to hear from them anymore after a while. You desperately want an answer as to why this is. However, you get nothing in return, not even a text message saying they are not into you anymore as the reason for their actions of ghosting on you.

Since you are asking the question about ghosting, we are sure you may already know the answer to how you may start ghosting someone, but here are some tips for the person being ‘ghosted’ to watch out for:

-You are busy with work or school and don’t have time for them.

-You met someone else and want to focus your attention on them instead of the person you’re ghosting.

-You met someone else and didn’t want to hurt the person you’re ghosting.

-The person is an emotional wreck, and you don’t want to worry about them, so you ghost them.

-You think they are breaking up with you, so you ghost them.

-You specifically told them that if they don’t accept your terms that you will ghost them, and they did not choose to accept your terms. If this is a tactic you plan on using in the future, keep a log of the dates where it happened for future reference. If you know that they’ll know this will happen, you should definitely call them first and let them know.

– They may be a long-distance relationship, and the one half of the relationship is not as invested.

– They may have been threatening you (not only should you ghost them, but you may want to get a restraining order, too!).

– They are bad for your mental and physical mental well-being.

I always hear of people ghosting people they were once into, making me wonder why they do it. I will not front, I’ve ghosted people in the past, and I’ve been ghosted before, too. Hopefully, this list will be looked at as a reference for both parties. Do they not like you anymore? Are they too busy? What’s the reason for this situation? Ghosting someone sucks, but it happens to the best of us. 



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