Christian Dating: The Insider’s View

You’re probably aware that a Christian’s perspective on dating differs significantly from that of other people from all over the world. They remain separate from the views that other societies consider acceptable, such as dating as many people as you want and settling down with the best of them.

Christian dating requires you to keep reserving everything you have for the one person you believe God has chosen for you to be with.

As a result, decisions involving dating or other specific invitations and ad-hoc suggestions should not be taken lightly and should be carefully considered while also prayerful.

“How is it that others seem to find “The Right One” – without even trying?!” will always be answered by faith. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this question, but it’s one that many people, including Christians, still don’t understand.


Christians believe that God has implanted a plan in their hearts and that because this plan is embedded in their hearts, they will desire it. They also believe that God has a plan for everyone, recognizing that some Christians are destined to marry while others remain single.

-Constant prayer is the best way to receive guidance and insight into your destiny.


-One of the most important characteristics of a Christian dating relationship is that it is built on friendship.


-Christians are advised to start any relationship as friends to ensure that they genuinely get to know each other. Having a good friendship will serve as an excellent foundation for building a deeper, more intimate relationship as an exclusive dating couple in the future.


-Christians are taught that dating a potential suitor of the same faith is preferable, but it is clear that this does not apply to every single Christian.’ Christian men and women dating people who do not share their faith often actively encourage and, in some cases, succeed in bringing Jesus into their partner’s life.


-May I add, for those of you who are currently in this situation, that it is also advisable to seek helpful advice from a fellow Christian you trust and talk to while maintaining respect for the other person’s feelings and well-being? You will discover that by praying as well, God will smooth out any bumps in your path.


-In Christian dating, it is a hard and fast rule not to have sex before marriage. As a result, most forms of close physical contact before marriage are discouraged.


-Dressing appropriately for a date is also something to consider; your clothing should not reveal any amounts of flesh that might pique your date’s interest.


-It’s no surprise that many single and dating Christians face frequent difficulties and struggle to stay within “the rules” when they live in societies that appear so relaxed in their views and attitudes toward sex.


-However, this is not to say that none are ever successful; many Christian couples overcome these obstacles and, once married, will tell you that the wait was well worth it!

Numerous Christian resources and websites are available on the Internet today that provide advice and guidance on various Christian topics. In terms of dating assistance, fellow Christians enjoy meeting other singles through Christian dating websites; for some, knowing that the people they will meet on those sites share the same love of God is essential. You can feel safer and happier about the people who make up the members of a trusted Christian dating website.


Many people are resistant to entrusting their success in having a loving relationship with God. Christian dating may appear uninviting and interpreted as a long process to some people from various parts of the world. Still, it takes patience and prayers to get a relationship on the right track!


Christians who believe in God will tell you that there is no more significant entity in the universe to be writing your love story than God!


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