Christianity and the Most Common Dating Mistakes

The first step toward Christian marriage is Christian dating. This is how the majority of Christians see dating. Of course, this does not indicate that the wedding should be planned from the start, but it does imply that you should date Christians to marry them. This is a scary way of saying that anytime you meet someone as a Christian, you go on a date to fall in love and marry him. Christian dating entails dating with the intention of marrying. You’re on a date, so it’s not a Christian date, whether you go out on a date with anyone without being open to the idea of falling in love. As a result, the most notorious Christian dating blunder occurs.


Dating only for the sake of romance is the first Christian dating blunder.


They don’t go on Christian dates at all, which is the most popular Christian dating blunder. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t go to Christian websites, watch Christian television or date Christians, and it means you’ve made the error of assuming that just being a Christian and marrying someone qualifies you for Christian dating. This is far from the truth. The date must be conducted by Christian ethical standards, which govern how Christians interact with one another. Whether they are cute or entertaining, your date should not be with you. When you’re having a down day, your date shouldn’t just be there to cheer you up.


Christians sometimes make the error of inviting someone out for a romantic date when they want a friend to hang out with. If one hand views the other as a potential acquaintance and sees them as a potential husband or wife, this creates apparent problems. Owing to the lack of sexual pressure of Christian dating, Christians often make this mistake. It’s quick to fall into ‘mate mode’ rather than worrying about your date as a possible partner because you know sex is off the table, and you have stringent personal guidelines about kissing and other forms of affection. Of course, a husband and wife are friends; I’m not disputing that; but, theirs is a unique kind of affection-based relationship.


When you date with marriage in mind, you treat your date as someone with whom you could develop a romantic, caring friendship that could lead to marriage right away. From the start, Christian dates should be marriage-oriented (but that does not mean talking about the names of your imaginary children five minutes into your first date!)

What makes Christian dating different from non-Christian dating? It’s a simple question to respond to. The vast majority of people believe that the solution lies in your daily activities. Christians may avoid having sex on a date and may also avoid kissing. Keep in mind the distinction between Christian dating and two people going out to dinner or to watch a movie together. The way the two interact with one another is essential. Inside the community, friendship is cherished, and they treat each other as such. Instead of being friends, the dating couple should treat each other as dates. Imagine two lovers, a man, and a woman, heading out to dinner to catch up on old times, but the man begins to treat his companion as if she were a date during the meal. If she considers dating him, the evening is going to be a disaster. Consider a Christian couple on a date: she treats her date like a date, and he treats her like a friend; this evening, too, will end tragically.

Make sure you’re going on a Christian date to prevent the most common Christian dating problem. It wasn’t just a night out with friends; it was a date. If you’re thinking of inviting someone out on a date, first consider whether you might see yourself in a casual relationship with them. Don’t be one of those Christians who meet a friend they want and asks them out on a date (knowing there won’t be any physical pressure) in the expectation that things will be romantic ‘someday.’ While Christians agree that romance is not the same as sex, dating should begin with romance.


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