Dating Advice for Christian Singles

Above all, the most challenging thing for Christian singles is to meet someone who shares their faith and accepts their religious choices. There is a lot of dating advice for nonbelievers, but there isn’t any Christian dating advice. You must remember that you are not dating for the sake of entertainment; you are searching for someone with whom you can devote your life and who shares your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.


Premarital sex is one of the most severe sins you can commit, and it is a subject that crops up often in Christian dating tips or inquiries from Christians. It’s not easy to prevent such a sin, but if you protect yourself and avoid being alone for long periods, you should be fine. If things get complicated in that area, respectfully remind your date that you are adamant in your convictions and will not budge. Everyone who isn’t a believer and wants to persuade you to have intimate intercourse with them isn’t worth your time. And if a little “entertainment” is a reasonable enough excuse to commit such a sin, nothing is worth premarital intercourse until the consequences are considered.


Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to some lighter subjects.


When going on a first date with someone, try to get a sense of their religious beliefs. Don’t interrogate them excessively about it, and don’t chastise them for not being a Christian if they aren’t; a date isn’t the place to convert people to our Lord and Savior. Set certain boundaries for the other, and if they welcome them with open arms, whether they are Christian or not, the date will be a success. Several Christian dating resources warn against dating someone who isn’t a Christian, but you may be able to convert them later to become a follower of Jesus Christ. Do not judge others because they do not share your faith; all is fair in God’s eyes. However, do not tolerate sinful conduct.

Be courteous to your dates, even though they are not courteous to you. When dating, being considerate is always appreciated and can make your date feel at ease with you. Remember, you’re looking for a long-term relationship, not a “fling.” You must act civilly and woo them as soon as possible, beyond your means, to choose the best person for you.

It isn’t accessible to date as a Christian, particularly for teenagers. Keep your convictions close to your heart and your head high before going out on a date. That is the most crucial aspect of Christian dating and Christian dating guidance. Your confidence comes first, followed by the future.


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