Do Situationships Turn Into Relationships?

Why is he acting this way? What is he looking for? What makes him change his mind so often? He doesn’t seem to understand things clearly, so what’s up with that? Being in a Situationship with a man who at the same time treats you like his girlfriend can be quite the roller coaster ride. Do Situationships Turn Into Relationships? Possibly.

The big question now is this: Is he only interested in me for sex, or does he want more? Let’s explore this topic in more detail:


He doesn’t know what he feels…

You are likely aware that attraction is not a choice. Whenever a guy claims to want to remain in a Situationship while treating you like a girlfriend, that means that he is in deep conflict within himself. According to past articles on Situationship, there are rarely emotional attachments to be involved. In simple terms, it is an agreement between two people to engage in sexual relations.

In this battle of the brains, what part prevails? On some days, the logical brain will triumph, while on others, the emotional brain will. However, there won’t be a definitive decision. In his analytical mind, it would be best to remain in a Situationship, whereas in his emotional mind, he would rather be with you. Because of this, he will get distant some days and act as though you two are already together on other days.


It’s not uncommon for people to only want something as long as they can’t have it…

When they get it, they stop wanting it. Because you two are currently in a Situationship, he knows that you don’t exclusively date him. This probably bothers him. I’m sure he knows that you can go out whenever you want and date whoever you like, or maybe you are already doing it anyway. It can cause him to feel a lot of attraction towards you that goes beyond just physical attraction. Relationships can be built from a Friends-With-Benefits/Situationship, but the question is; Would you want a relationship built from one? Our desires are well known for wanting things beyond our reach or don’t have right now.

Now is the time to let him know everything and make things clear…

Unless he is trying to make you his ‘official girl,’ you have to let him know that it is not part of the deal if he acts possessive towards you and treats you as his girlfriend. The only way to tell him that you want things to go beyond what already exists is to be very direct with him. The agreement is good as long as he agrees. However, if he still isn’t sure, then you should draw the line right then. By treating you as his girlfriend, you will also start to feel the same way towards him, and as a consequence, you will start developing feelings for him sooner or later. You will only hurt yourself emotionally when you realize he isn’t sure what he wants from you. It’s not right for him to have the power to do this to you. Establish your boundaries and tell him what you are and are not willing to accept.


There may be no choice but to let him go…

By not doing this right away, you will only hurt yourself in the future. He is playing emotional games if he is sending out mixed signals and is trying to be more than just a ‘player’ in the Situationship match but at the same time doesn’t want to commit to you. There will be times when you won’t be sure what to expect out of the whole situation you have with this guy. Before things get worse, you should let him go. A man who is unsure of his feelings for you means he isn’t interested in you. He will never commit to you the way he sees it and is simply keeping you around until his feelings can be resolved. Be careful not to let him play with your emotions. If he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, he should strictly maintain it as a Situationship, making that rule clear to him.

Situationships CAN become relationships, but you must know the type of man you are dealing with and if he is worthy of your time and investment to turn the relationship from sex buddies to boyfriend and girlfriend.


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