How To Flirt With Guys Over Text: Here Are 10 Starter Tips

Whether you’re looking to establish an accessible, friendly rapport with a guy you already know or want to blow a guy’s mind after meeting him IRL (in real life), these ten tips will help you — here is how to flirt with guys over text (the guy that you want!).

“Hi, I’m Olivia.” 1) If he gives you his number, text back and asks for his name first. That way, he’ll be like, “Ohh…it’s Olivia, right?” And that means you’re on the same page.

2) Ask him something he can’t help answering. Like “What is your favorite book?” Or “How do you pick up girls?” This is another way to get him to reveal himself a little bit more. He’ll provide an answer so you can consider it as a response in your texting. It will also show that you’re interested in more than just his looks.

3) If he responds, ask him for help with something. “HELP! I’m really hungover today.” Or “HELP! My boss is driving me crazy.” The more you can get him to imagine himself as your knight in shining armor, the better.

4) Be playful but never mean. Like when he says, “How’s it going?” and you say, “Good. How about you? Did you get stuck in that fire?” But don’t answer his question directly either, like “It sucks, my car got towed. How about you?”

5) Use some colorful language. He’ll pick up on it and think you’re fun to talk to. And maybe ask him how he would define “colorful language.” You could try that out as a conversation starter too. Or ask him if he’s ever tried drugs or alcohol. Or tell him your favorite drink and see what he says.

But never say he’s hot. 6) If you’re with friends, text that you think he’s cute or that he looks like someone famous. You don’t want him to think you’re all over him just for his looks (even though this may be the case!).

7) Text him just before he has to go to bed, or you have to go home. For example, “Well, I should get off now. I’m tired.” Or “I have an early day tomorrow, so I’m going to head off.” This will show that you respect his time and that you care about your sleep routine. Both of which are good things in a guy’s eyes.

8) If he’s interested in you now, make him wait a few days. And then he’ll wonder what happened and what else he can say to get you to talk again. So it can work for both guys and girls.

9) Never forget the value of your own words. If he doesn’t respond, wait two days before texting. “Thanks for your sweet reply.” Or “I loved talking to you today, and it was awesome.” That way, he’ll be like, “Oh wow! She means it!”

10) When you finally see him in person, have a plan. Ask him what he’s doing. Or what he’s into, or if he has any hobbies or favorite things to do. Say something like, “Listen, I’ve been thinking about you. I don’t really go to clubs, but sometimes when my friends want to go, we end up in the city and check out some cool bars. Would you like to meet up in a few days for a drink?”

That way, he’ll think, “Wow! She’s interested.” And he’ll remember that you were there first, and he’s just a bonus prize at the end of the game. I don’t have high expectations, and it just takes practice.


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