Make Sex Adventurous! 9 Best Sex Tips for Men

It’s true: some of you could use some tips on the bedroom side of things. You shouldn’t take sex for granted, and there are a lot of ways to turn things around in bed and convince your woman that you’re a Greek god in the bed.

Get To Know About The Yab-Yum Position

Yab-Yum is an Eastern Indian position in which your lover and you synchronize your breathing. You can place a pillow under her on the ground as she sits on your lap. Hold her hands comfortably on her back and yours on hers, synchronizing your breath either alternately or simultaneously. Once you’re on her clitoris, penetration won’t take long. She will enjoy the position since it’s one she has the most control over.

Get The Clit Poppin’

When you stimulate the clitoris too quickly, it may feel coarse and unpleasant for the woman. As an alternative, kiss the upper thighs and stimulate other parts of the body. Let your fingers get wet, then start on the clitoris. So, she’s all warmed up and primed for it.

Put In The Time:

You’ve found a real tigress if she allows you to do whatever you want to her after two weeks of dating. It may take some time to develop between people to feel comfortable testing boundaries and enjoying conventional sex. Start with simple techniques, then discuss more advanced ones together.

Sex In The Back Seat Of The SUV (Or Car):

When you were younger, remember those romantic car rides? Taking another sexy ride tonight sounds like a great idea. When you revisit your past experiences in a new relationship, you can significantly enhance the chances for unforgettable sex, fueled by memories and the innocence of your relationship. A classic sexual improvisation, having sex in a car is something everyone has likely experienced at least once. What’s stopping you from trying it again?

Elevator Lovin’ — ’50 Shades Of Grey It!’:

If neither of you is claustrophobic, you can have fun in an elevator with your partner. Don’t press the stop button in an electric elevator; you’ll most likely sound an alarm, resulting in an unpleasant and quick experience. You won’t get in trouble for these public sex acts; in fact, they are often a major turn-on for most people.

Enjoy Some Wild Sex In The Wild:

Discover your wild side in the woods and woo her. Your primal selves will be strengthened by the natural landscape, which will result in some genuinely savage sex. In addition to providing more endorphins to the brain, sitting out in the elements is also undoubtedly pleasant. The same is valid for tent sex, which is not as thrilling but still fun.

Good Vibrations:

Break out the vibrator if she has one, and you’ll hear sounds you’ve never heard before. For female orgasm, vibration is more effective than penetration. It is up to you to improvise in case she does not have a vibrator. Additionally, you may experience vibrations from your washer and dryer. On your quest for vibration, use your imagination and be creative.

Choo-Choo — Sex on the Train:

On a late-night or early-morning train, sex is not only fun and exciting, but it is also highly possible. When the train makes stops, you and your girlfriend will enjoy the train’s natural shimmy and rhythm. If the conductor is seen peering through the windows, don’t be surprised.

Chocolate: The Power of Happiness:

Chocolate is a mild aphrodisiac and has been heavily associated with sexuality in popular culture and literature for many years. Eating it right away brings one back to lust and sex with its sensual taste and smooth texture. It’s rare to find a woman who doesn’t like chocolate, and you could gain brownie points by gifting her some luxury chocolate. Here, we’re not talking Hershey’s; the more expensive and darker the chocolate, the better.


As you can see, there are several ways to breathe new life into your sex life. You need to be willing to try something different.


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