Tips for a More Spontaneous Sex Life

Would you like to improve your sex life?  You might already know that spontaneity is advisable if you are.  As a result of spontaneity, intimacy often increases in interest and satisfaction.  The act of being spontaneous is in some ways easier said than done for many men and women.  The following tips may be helpful to you if you fall into this category:

Spontaneity can be achieved in several ways, including not waiting around for your partner to initiate sex.  Women are often unwilling to initiate sex until their husbands or boyfriends do.  What are you waiting for?  There’s no need to.  Did you know that your partner might be hoping that you start showing more interest in intimacy with them?  If you want to initiate sex, what better way is there?

When it comes to sex and intimacy, sending text messages can be fun and spontaneous.  Sending sexy and seductive text messages to your partner may get the ball rolling.  Along with texts, you can call your partner or write them a little love note as they are leaving out the house.

Some people find it difficult to be spontaneous, as previously mentioned.  Often, parents fall into this category.  Even if you have children in the house, you can still be spontaneous with your partner in terms of intimacy.  Just put your kids to bed?  You should literally jump on your partner after your kids leave the room.  When the kids are in bed, most parents want to sit down and relax, but it’s vital to demonstrate to your partner that you are thinking about other things.


Another way to be spontaneous with your partner is to have sex somewhere other than the bedroom or bed. Just be cautious if you have kids at home. Avoid having sex outside of the bedroom at night when they may be awake. Also, don’t make too much noise; otherwise, you may have an uncomfortable situation.

When it comes to finding places outside the bedroom to have sex, be creative.  Where would you like to have sex?  If you had to try a new position that you can’t do in a bed, in which part of the house would you like to try it?  You can also consider going outside of the home, such as a hotel, when you want to be intimate.

Talking about intimate moments outside of the house, surprise your partner.  The best way to do this is to book a hotel room.  If you are looking for a romantic hotel, make sure it has a hot tub or swimming pool on site.  Make arrangements for childcare for your children first, for example, by calling on trusted friends or family members.  When spontaneous, you will need to surprise your partner, and don’t tell them until you’re ready to leave.

Spontaneity can be a powerful tool to strengthen relationships both inside and outside the bedroom.  When will you get started?  Why not get started today?  Your partner, for your thoughtful, sexy gesture should appreciate your efforts.


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