Use These 6 Strategies To Find Your Perfect Partner


It might seem impossible to find your perfect partner soon, especially if you’ve been looking for a long time. Keeping an open mind can help you identify your special someone more uncomplicated than you might think.


Here are some strategies you can use to find your special someone:


  1. Consider what you truly want. A challenge that is clear and consistent can allow your mind to find a solution. Start by taking a piece of paper and writing at the top, “My Perfect Partner.”


  • Imagine going back in time and listing every quality of everyone you’ve ever been attracted to after you’ve met them.


  • Even if you don’t like the people you think of, maybe you were captivated by their sense of humor. Perhaps you liked the way they parented.

All you have to do is list the best qualities you have ever seen or experienced. You’ll likely come up with 25-40 items. Probably, your list includes things like these that are unique to you:

  • Extremely loving:  David from sophomore year in high school
  • Happy energy all the time:  Lisa from work at Geno’s Pizza
  • Honest and empathetic:  Sandy from summer camp

Your list should be inspired and exciting. If the list is desirable, you are more likely to keep working at it until you succeed.


  1. Aim high with your goals. Without a goal, achieving anything worthwhile is near impossible. There are no accidents in greatness, and they’re called accidents for a reason. Your goal should be similar to this: “By (target date), I will have found my perfect partner and will be in a committed relationship with him.”


  1. Every day, remind yourself of your goal. We’ve all had goals but then forgotten all about them a few days later. To maintain the priority, you have to focus on your goal every day. Here are two processes you can use:


  • Every morning and every night, read your goal and list of attributes aloud. That’s pretty easy. Just read it.
  • Describe the experience of achieving your goal in approximately half a page. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions. Your desire for this image should be strong. Every day, do this.



  1. Be open-minded. Each day, you should reaffirm your goal to your brain to start to suggest subtle changes.


  • Do whatever you want to do! Sign up for a dating site or that salsa class if you’re suddenly thinking about it!


  • Your subconscious will stop giving you suggestions if you don’t follow its advice.
  1. Don’t fail to deliver. Look at your situation if you want a woman who is fit and stylish. A woman of this caliber might be easier to impress if you weren’t 75 pounds overweight and sported a $7 haircut. If you want a particular type of person to come to you, develop the qualities that will help you attract them.


  • Taking care of yourself is the most important thing. Therefore, don’t let anyone else tell you how to live.


  • Make sure that you’re dressed well for stumbling upon your dream partner when you leave the house. Preparation is key!



  1. Meet new people. Spending time with those who may become your perfect partner is very crucial to finding your ideal partner. Don’t be afraid to socialize!


If you prioritize your life, you can meet your perfect partner shortly. List the qualities you want to see in your special someone. Decide what your goals are, and prioritize them every day. Your results are likely to surprise you.


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