You’re Pushing Him Away? (How To Tell)

Everything was going well between you and a man when you met him. It seemed that way at first.

A moment later, he was out of the building.

There are unique perspectives for men and women when it comes to relationships. The views are diverse, ranging from first date etiquette to when to sleep with their partner.

A man who pulls away from the woman he sees usually has a specific reason for doing so.

Three of the biggest mistakes women make push men away.

They’re clingy.

Clingy women are one thing that will send any man running. It’s nice to be affectionate and let him know you’re thinking of him, but if you make him your only priority, he will feel smothered. Then he will pull back, trying to regain his independence.

It’s worse when you tell him too soon that you’re falling for him. During the first few months of a relationship, men are looking for fun. If you let him know you’re already planning your future together, he’ll run away. Staying calm, cool, and collected is more important than showing your emotions too soon.

In general, if a man perceives that a woman expects too much from him or the relationship, he will pull away.

They’re insecure.

97% of women have at least one negative feeling about their bodies every day, according to studies.

Showing insecurities in a relationship, however, is never a wise choice. Although it’s nice to feel comfortable talking with your man about your gym routine or your healthy eating habits, if you keep asking him, “Do these jeans make me look fat” or nagging whenever an attractive woman approaches him, then you’re digging your own relationship grave.

Once you start to show your insecurities, there is no turning back. He’ll be hooked if you show him your happy-go-lucky side instead of pushing away with self-doubt.

You should pretend that every date with your man is the first one because you wouldn’t let him see this side of you otherwise. Here’s a free video presentation from relationship expert Amy North on how to boost your self-confidence.

They’re unhappy without him.

Even if you are happy when he is around, it doesn’t mean that he isn’t noticing your negativity when he isn’t around. As a matter of fact, if he knows that you’re totally dependent on him, he’ll probably leave you.

Keeping you happy in this situation is a huge responsibility for anyone because it causes him to feel pressured to do so. You don’t need to depend on him to keep you smiling. Live your life to the fullest. Enjoy the things you love to do. By doing so, you will make yourself happier and improve the quality of your relationship.

Here is a free video that may help you understand why men distance themselves from women.

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